This Beautifully Complicated LEGO Factory Folds And Launches Paper Airplanes

The possibilities seem endless when it comes to LEGOs. We’ve seen some incredible things and it just got even better.

Designer Arthur Sacek has built and incredible LEGO machine that is capable of not only folding paper airplanes but launching them as well.

The elaborate contraption was built for the new Arrow Electronics campaign titled Five Years Out. To watch engineers innovate with LEGOS in this manner is truly inspirational.

This inspirational message came directly from their YouTube,

“The workings of the bicycle made way for the first flying machine.

A spaceship was built on the ground piece by piece before a man could walk on the moon.

At Arrow, we know the world of Five Years Out relies on small, forward-thinking parts put together with absolute precision.

Whether it’s for the military, commerce or yet-imagined industry, the future of flight will always depend on dependability. That’s where our unmatched heritage comes to play. Enabling visionaries to bring the future to fruition.”

Behind the scenes look

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