This Mesmerizing Spinning Ball Will Melt Your Mind When It Starts To Glow

This dizzying 3D-printed zoetrope was created by German designers Dieter Pilger, Janno Ströcker and Frederik Scheve. The design follows a mathematical sequence called the Fibonacci sequence which was named after Italian mathematician Fibonacci.


Instead of it needing some sort of strobe light to experience the effect, one simply needs to stare at it directly in regular light (or darkness) to see its animation.


According to Pilger, “the animation can be seen just by looking at it with your eyes. No external devices like a strobe or a camera are required. The fibonacci sequence thereby isn’t anything that only appeals to mathematicians, but is of great significance in the process of understanding aesthetics and harmony as a whole – as far as an impression can be expressed as visual perception.”



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