This Massive 19th-Century Sea Fort Has Been Converted Into A Gorgeous Luxury Hotel

This is what happens when a Victorian-era sea fort is completely renovated. It’s called No Man’s Land and it sits off the coast of southern England. It’s approximately 2 hours from the heart of London and you can arrive by helicopter or by boat.

Located right in the middle of The Solent straight

The luxury hotel is located right in the middle of the sea and has killer 360 degree views surrounded by water and islands. Oh, it keeps getting better…it’s even equipped with the “LaZer Battle Arena”, mini golf, hot tubs, fire pits, spa facilities, a cabaret-style bar, shops, and restaurants! The renovation was completed by AmaZing Venues and is one truly unique luxury hotel.

The fort was originally built between 1867 and 1880 to defend the island city of Portsmouth from French invasion


It’s been completely refurbished by AmaZing Venues and can even be used as a reception venue


That view though
The hotel is equipped with 23 extremely luxurious suites ranging from $672 a night…


To $1,000 a night
The penthouse suite a.k.a. the Lighthouse suite has four levels and a glass floor


Expect the best when you stay here. All suites are to the highest luxury hotel standards


Don’t forget the helicopter pads
And then there’s the speed boat
The grand opening is this spring and your can rent the suite for a weekend stay — or have host a private event


Don’t forget the onsite amenities featuring the LaZer Battle Arena, sea mini golf, hot tubs, fire pits, spa facilities, a cabaret-style bar, shops, and restaurants


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