This Man Can Incredibly Draw With Just His Eyes, And It Might Change The Future Of Sketching

We’ve all had an image in our head, but when we transferred it to paper it just wasn’t quite what we imagined. It was different than what we had in our minds. Here is something that can help with that dilemma: Just when you thought what more could technology possibly come up with – something new comes along and blows our minds.

British artist Graham Fink has developed an eye tracker which allows him to draw with his eyes.

“Normally art is made with your hands, using a pencil or a paintbrush, which can be something that gets in the way of the creating the image you have in your mind,” Fink told the Creators Project. “I wanted it to be purer: to go directly from the subconscious, straight from the eyes and onto the canvas.”1-Optimized


Infrared tracks eye movement and reinterprets it as ink strokes on a canvas 


“At the gallery I use an eye-tracker and custom software I developed together with a Swedish company called Tobii Technology,” said Fink. “The eye-tracking shines infrared light straight into my eyes, recording the reflections with algorithms to translate the eye movements to lines on the screen.”

You simply think of a face and trace it on the screen with your eyes
Finks’ software uses the subconscious to create art

“What’s interesting,” Fink says, “is that, obviously you look at many faces throughout the day, and I noticed that the images I create change according to what I’ve seen. They come directly from the subconscious.”




“The software is designed to have different types of sensitivity, because obviously your eyes are very sensitive and it’s quite hard to keep your eyes in one particular spot over time.”



“I basically draw the lines in my mind and see what develops on screen. Sooner or later a face will appear. You have to really trust your unconscious that the image will materialize.”11-Optimized

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