This Magical Street Art Only Appears When It Rains, And It’s The Coolest Thing

Superhydrophobic coating is a new version of invisible ink used to create hidden street art that is only visible when it is wet. Peregrine Chuch is a Seattle-based street artist who has created a series called Rainworks in which he uses the same sort of hydrophobic coatings that Germany once used.



He views it as a public service and has been assured by city authorities that “what he is doing is legal – the coating is non-toxic, non-permanent, only sometimes visible, and his works don’t advertise anything.” super-hydrophobic-wet-sidewalk-rain-street-art-rainworks-peregrine-church-1-Optimized

He says that, “depending on how much the sidewalk in question is used, his pieces may last between 4 months and a year, but are most vivid within the first few weeks of application.” It definitely adds a certain character to the neighborhood. The works remain diverse, and range from simple art drawings to entertaining and motivational messages; he’s even painted a hop-scotch game.








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