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This Chandelier Turns Your Bedroom Into A Creepy Forest

Titled, Forms in Nature, this incredible chandelier by Hilden & Diaz projects a 360° shadow of trees and roots onto any room walls that surround it.

It was inspired by the illustrations of Ernst Haeckel, a German biologist, naturalist, and philosopher famous for discovering thousands of new animal species  and for tracing them to a genealogical “tree of life.”

Here is how Hilden & Diaz desribe the shadows on their website (which are actually upside down):

“Interestingly, the roots are those elements of the forest that are the most visible. Thereby the sculpture is not only mirrored, but also turned upside down in Hilden & Diaz’ artwork. The shadows engulfs the room and transforms the walls into unruly shadows of branches, bushes and gnarled trees.

Mirrorings are thrown out upon the walls and ceilings and provide weak Rorschach-like hints of faces, life and flow of consciousness. Dimming the lights transforms the installation and one senses a weak fire burning deep in the center of the forest.”




For ordering information or if you have any questions, you can check out their website here.

The stunning piece doesn’t come cheap, though you can pay in installments, you’re looking at about prize of $3,000.

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