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This Little Girls Horror Story Is Insanely Creepy, But It Holds A Shocking Twist


Here’s one story that will absolutely send chills down your spine. It’s apparently written by a little girl about her imaginary friend called Lisa. Check it out below.














So after I came across this, I did a little digging…. and actually this was written by a 19 year old girl named . Iknow… I know I so wanted this to be true… but you know how the internet is.

According to Sunny:

I was looking around the store one day, bored, when I came across this preschool notebook like we always had in elementary school. Being a huge fan of dark and creepy things, I started thinking “What’s the creepiest thing I could do with this?” So I bought it (along with a package of 96 crayons), brought it home, and went to work.

I spent a good hour just reading through all the comments, and so many people were terrified by it, saying they’d be having a difficult time getting to sleep, or that they were worried for their own children. Since then, it’s been on 9gag, Reddit, Imgur, and FEARnet, and I’m constantly getting questions from people asking me if it’s real.

(H/T Movie Pilot)

I have to admit, I was fooled, but either way it’s still creepy. Like this? Make sure to give it a share.


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