This Is What Happens When 9 Drunk People Get Stuck In An Elevator… LOL


Most people panic when they get stuck inside an elevator… hey, I probably would too if I were stuck in such a closed space with a bunch of other people. Then again… If I were drunk, I probably would have done the same as these guys. Watch as nine guys break out on Aerosmith’s I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing.

According to Redditor bumblesquash:

“I was one of the guys stuck in this lift haha, it’s Mendip Court on Frenchay Campus at UWE in Bristol. Everyone was pretty drunk so it was just funny, although we were stuck in there for over an hour so by the end one girl was panicking quite a bit.”

This is pretty awesome, now I wish I kinda was stuck in that elevator with them… LOL

(H/T Reddit)

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