This Incredibly Rare Rain Bomb Falling From The Sky Looks Insane

So here’s something you rarely get to see, a freaking rain bomb, or the technical term “microburst“! I’ve never heard of that term either, but it’s actually really a thing.

Basically, it happens when hot, dry air rises and mixes with heavy rain-bearing clouds.

Most of the water droplets in the clouds evaporate, causing a swift cooling of the air around them where it then starts to sink. The falling air pulls the remaining raindrops with it, creating one hell of a downpour.


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Rain bomb captured in Queensland, Australia, by farmer Peter Thompson

6050048-3x2-700x467photo credit: Peter Thompson

Here’s a graph showing how it happens



Rare Wet Microburst

If you thought that was crazy check out this photo of an extremely rare 65-foot lava dome captured in Hawaii.

h/t: IFLS

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