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This Incredibly Compact Camper Might Look Small, But Totally Makes Up For It Inside

This is seriously one of the coolest compact trailers I’ve ever seen. What’s really amazing is that it has pretty much everything need, and all you have to do is hook it to the back of your vehicle. It’s honestly the best alternative to a big RV… Why?? Well, not many people have the space and the money for an RV, not to mention having to drive one of those big suckers around.


Screenshot (259)-Optimized

It’s called the Gidget Retro Teardrop Camper, and was created by an Australian developer. The camper has a television entertainment system, a kitchen complete with a sink and refrigerators, queen-size bed, LED lighting inside and out, pantry space, and showers with hot water. Oh yeah… It’s also powered by solar panels! Seriously though… it comes with so much stuff it’s hard to even list it all here.

Queen-size bed

Screenshot (260)-Optimized

TV and entertainment center

Screenshot (261)-Optimized

Full kitchen in the back

Screenshot (262)-Optimized

Solar panels


Here’s a quick video of it

Here’s a longer more in-depth video

The camper comes in various models, and I believe the one featured here will run you about $15,000. You can check out more information about the Gidget Retro at their website. Let us know what you think, and make sure to give this a share on Facebook before you go. (h/t SF Globe)

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