This Incredible Solar-Powered ‘Treehouse’ Has 360-Degree Views, Wi-Fi And Beer

This isn’t your average treehouse… even though it’s technically not a treehouse since it’s not in a tree… anyways.

This awesome spherical man cave called The Skysphere, was created by engineer and graphics designer Jono Williams from New Zealand.

According to inhabitat, “after shooting the breeze one night with his mate Grant Ramsay, a mechatronics engineer, Williams committed to building the ultimate app-controlled treehouse.

After working on the design for several months, he ditched the treehouse idea for something better.” The bad boy was the result…..

It has 360 degree views


It sits 33 feet up off the ground


It took 3 years and 3,000 hours to complete



It’s powered by solar panels and can be controlled by an Android phone


The base has a ladder where you climb to get into the room




Would you live here?


This is really awesome…. I just wish I had the kind of money to build something like this. It cost Williams about $75,000 to build.

There’s currently plans to put the bathroom in an outhouse type place pretty close to the place.

You can check out more from his website and Facebook page. (h/t inhabitat) (via The Skysphere)

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