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This Incredible New Voice Assistant App Puts Siri To Shame… Like Seriously

When you’re speaking to your handheld device, what bothers you? Is it the fact that you need to speak slower in order for it to comprehend what you’re saying so it can gather results? Sound SoundHound Inc. Founder and CEO, Keyvan Mohajer has created a technology that allows for speed and accuracy as you ask your smart device for the information you need. Sometimes when you need information from your device, complex requests often are lost in translation.


We aren’t knocking other voice command technologies, but Hound is seriously the fastest we’ve seen. In this video, Founder Mohajer gives an example of voice queries Hound is capable of producing. Some of his requests are complex yet Hound delivers without mistakes. It proves to be fast, accurate, and innovative.

This technology allows the user to speak naturally and add specific details that can be understood by Hound, perfectly. Currently it’s only available to Android users in the U.S. but the company is working on making it available for iPhone users as soon as possible.


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