This Mile Long Wooden Xylophone Plays Bach When You Roll A Ball Down It

Have you ever seen a giant xylophone in the forest?

Just kidding, of course you haven’t! Well until now that is…. The Japanese adverting agency known as Drill Inc. built a giant wooden xylophone that’s roughly a mile long in the middle of a forest.

Each wooden key is made up individual notes, and when a wooden ball starts rolling down it, it plays Bach’s famous Cantata 147. And yeah, they did all of this for a cell phone commercial.

While the phone is a bit outdated now, this video is pretty impressive none the less.

Mile Long Wooden Xylophone

Check it out!

If you thought that was cool, check out this dude playing Hallelujah using only crystal glasses. Drop us a comment below and make sure to give this amazing video a share on Facebook before you.

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