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This Incredible Lamp Creates A Beautiful Night Sky In Your Bedroom

What’s cooler than having a constellation right in your bedroom? Or even a thunderstorm? It turns out, you can really have it all: You can get a thunderstorm in your bedroom, and now you can get a beautiful night sky in it, too.

This Astro Star Laser Projector really brings the beauty of a planetarium right to you, wherever you are, without having to spend too much money or take some fancy trip somewhere to get a good view.

It’s totally tailored to you. The Astro Star Sky will even allow you to adjust the latitude you live in, as well as a rotary setting that changes the night sky according to the time of the year.

A changing constellation so you’re never bored.

The size and location of these dots have been mapped to correspond to the stars in the night sky as seen by the human eye

When you turn on the lamp, the light escapes through these points, hits the nearest surface (either a wall or ceiling), and voilà

Astro Star

 The beautiful night sky is projected right on your bedroom wall



You can get your own for $25 bucks

Astro Star Sky Cosmos Laser Lamp

Check it out for yourself and buy one here!

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