The Cicret Bracelet Turns You Arm Into A Touchscreen

A new concept currently in development called the Cicret Bracelet allows your skin to act as a touch screen device.

Yes– you can now scroll through your feeds, text, or email right from your arm.

The bracelet works by creating a projection from the wristband straight onto your skin, which then allows the skin to act as your mobile device on the surface of your arm.

Cicret wirelessly connects to your smartphone or tablet and projects the screen on your skin using a pico-projector and proximity sensors. And users would be able to do everything that they already do on their smartphones right from their arm. I’m assuming you’d still need to whip out your phone to use your camera (duh).

The interface works exactly the same: you can tap, swipe and pinch the projection on your wrist. The company is still raising funds to complete their first prototype.

The Cicret Bracelet

cicret bracelet

Check the weather


Google Maps


Play your favorite app


Update: May 2018

Now for the disappointing news, as with most crowdfunding campaigns this one never really panned out. The concept video you’ve probably seen above is just a prop bracelet with pictures of phone interfaces composited and tracked on the arm.

Since 2014 their campaign has gather nearly $700,000 in donation based crowdfunding. Shipping was slatted for 2016 but was pushed back to 2017, and now the timeline for release has been removed completely. However, they did release a working prototype which works nothing at all like the concept video above.

LOL. Wut.

The concept probably isn’t something that’s impossible with our current technology it’s just that it presents some many problems that’ll just let Captain Disillusion take it from here.

And here’s an update

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