This Incredible Five Story House Hangs Off The Edge Of An Enormous Cliff

This “Cliff House” gives you the feeling of floating above the ocean. It’s pure luxury. It almost looks as though it dangles above the ocean but it is attached to a cliff. It is said to be the first Cliff House ever designed and designed for use off the coast of Victoria, Australia.


Each section of the house is pre-fabricated and stacked on top of each other. It’s anchored to the side of the cliff with giant steel pins that stick deep into the cliffs massive edge

The Cliff House was created by Modscape and has one main entrance. This home has amazing panoramic views of the vast ocean. With four levels of living space, the top fifth floor is a balcony and a carport and with an elevator to get you there. You can find the jacuzzi on the lower level suspended hundreds of feet in the air.


Look at the view these people get to wake up to


Each of the levels are accessible with either stairs or an elevator… Check out the floor plans


Although still a concept, the Cliff House could provide efficient and innovative housing in rocky areas deemed unlivable.

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