This Hilarious Swear Words Coloring Book Is The Best Way To Release Your Frustration

So, we’ve all probably read the studies by now; the one that tells you that people who curse a lot have better vocabularies than people who don’t. If that study made your day this will make your year: we present to you the “Sweary Words Coloring Book.” We know what you’re thinking, “Why didn’t I think of this?!”

The magnificent adult coloring book was created by Sara Bigwood and is printed on high quality 160gsm paper that is single-sided and ideal for markers, pens, watercolors, and pencils.






The coloring book is complete with 20 curse words and was originally available for instant download on Etsy until it gained major popularity and became a Kickstarter campaign.

The money was raised in a matter of days and the coloring book is now available to order for $17 here. (via PixieRahDesigns)

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