This Guy’s Post-Apocalyptic Spin on Charlie Brown and Snoopy Is Simply Amazing

This would be the dark fantasy comic book version of Charlie Brown.

Going right along with the post-apocalyptic trend, artist Max Dunbar thought he would turn the innocent and widely loved, Charlie Brown and Snoopy, into doomsday survivors.

You have never seen Charlie Brown and Snoopy like this before. It invokes a darker side of Charlie Brown and it’s pure brilliance.

I wonder where the rest of the gang ended up? Zombies?

Un-colorized version

charlie uncolored

Colorized version

charlie colored

Different colors added by another artist

snoopy_and_charlie_brown_by_max_dunbar_by_richmbailey-d8io5byimage credit/richmbailey

You can check out even more of Dunbar’s work over on Deviant Art.

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