This Guy’s 3D Printed Batsuit Is So Badass, Bruce Wayne Would Be Jealous

This 3D-printed batsuit has really upped the ante in the world of Cosplay.

This epic batsuit was modeled after the Arkham Origins video game, and was revealed the same day Batman: Arkham Knight debuted.

Julian Checkley — who runs Order 66 Creatures and Effects studio in Ireland – is the feature film sculptor and art director who assembled the costume. His 3D-printed outer amour came from a company in Canada before he and his team were able to build the suit.

Together with professional photographer Kamil Krawczak and a drone, Checkley modeled the beefy batsuit as the team captured these incredible images atop a roof in Galway (a city in the West of Ireland).






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Photo credits: Kamil Krawczak

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