This Guy Uses Gears And Magnets To Create One Of The Most Hypnotizing Things You’ll Ever See

This art exhibition created by Pe Lang is absolutely hypnotizing. It’s titled, “Moving Objects | nº 502 – 519” where he uses gear motors, magnets and copper to create a relaxing image and sound.
Pe Lang is a Swiss-born artist who has sparked attention for “creating minimal kinetic artworks that control and put physical forces in action” with hypnotic stylishness.


According to his website, “Lang’s work has been represented in exhibitions and installations for more than a decade. After completing his certificate in electrical skills in 1994, he began creating experimental mechanical sound objects presenting them in the form of live performances / installations at various European and North America art spaces and festivals, including the Transmediale in Berlin, ISEA Singapore, sonicActs Amsterdam or the Elektra Festival in Montreal.”

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