This Guy Took His Dying Dog On One Last Epic Adventure To Celebrate His Life

There is an inexplicable bond humans have with their pets. Saying goodbye to our fiercely loyal best friends is one of the hardest things we face in our lives. They are not just pets they are family. They age as we do, their bodies deteriorate, and they gray and wrinkle just as we do. They share our milestones, witness events in our lives like marriage, firstborns, and big moves to new cities. They bear the job changes, make-ups and breakups and they are there every step of the way.


Their journey is our journey so, when Thomas Rodriguez found out that his 15-year-old Labrador, Poh, was suffering from kidney failure and had multiple large tumors around his liver, Thomas decided it was he would celebrate Poh’s life in a very unconventional way.




You see, rather than wait around for Poh to pass; Thomas decided to take Poh on an adventure some people only dream about taking. They set out to see the U.S.A., from sea to shining sea beginning the 12,000-mile voyage in North Carolina then traveled through South Carolina, down through the south to Texas, then Arizona and, all the way up through the west coast to Seattle and back. 6

Poh’s journey began three months ago on Instagram and already has captured the hearts of some 91,000 people who are following “#pohthedogsbigadventure” as his owners have titled it.
Originally, Poh intended on only taking a dip in the Pacific Ocean, but that turned into seven weeks of road tripping and some 35 U.S. cities with countless adorable Instagram pictures to show for it.

Poh is continuously inspiring us on Instagram. Be sure to follow pohthedogsbigadventure and his owners for uplifting messages and posts about Poh.


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