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This Guy Stuffed His PS4 Into A Laptop And Turned It Into R2-D2

Here’s another incentive to becoming an engineer: You get to make awesome custom creations like Star Wars themed PlayStation 4s.

That’s right, Florida-based engineer Edward Zarick of EdsJunk has created this unique game console laptop that looks exactly like the astromech droid R2-D2.

Zarick gave thanks to the Astromech.net forum for being able to get sound effects and 3D printed parts to use on his unique system.

In his video he stated, “This system has real scaled down R2 parts installed everywhere!

It even has the red/blue light on the front that changes randomly while it’s on! And with the help of a Adafruit WAVEShield, I was able to have this little guy actually talk.”






This isn’t is first time making stuff like this… you can check out even more here. Star Wars nerds, rejoice! This is epic. Don’t forget to give this a share with your friends on Facebook before you go. For more stories, subscribe to our free e-mail list. (h/t LaughingSquid)

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