This Guy Spent 15 Years Building The World’s Largest Treehouse, And It’s Insane

This massive treehouse built by a Tennessee pastor was 15 years in the making and now looks like some sort of treehouse resort.

Minister Horace Burgess dedicated serious time to the building of this massive treehouse located outside of Crossville, Tennessee.

He claims that in 1993, he received a calling from God who told him, “If you build a treehouse, I’ll see that you never run out of material.”

Ever since 1993, Pastor Burgess has been constructing the treehouse using an 80-foot-tall white oak tree as the main support for the house. It took a whopping six oak trees to completely stabilize the structure.


The massive treehouse measures in at 97 feet high with porches on every floor. Care to guess the square footage?

Try over 32,000 square feet. Most of the wood was reclaimed wood and recycled pallets. The house has a whopping 80 rooms and a bell tower at the very top with oxygen acetylene bottles that chime daily. Burgess said that this is God’s house and everyone is welcome.




The treehouse has become a large tourist attraction although it was temporarily closed once due to fire code violations


Burgess even included a church on one of the levels where he conducts sermons


Sadly it was closed in 2012 by the state for not following proper fire codes… but that doesn’t stop adventurous explorers from going there!

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