This Guy Needed Amazon Chat Support, But What He Got Instead Was So Much Better

Okay so you’re probably here looking for Amazon customer service. Am I right?!

Here’s the amazon support number (888) 280-4331, but seriously check out this amazon chat before you go.

Customer support can be absolutely horrendous at times. Those horrible automated systems, uncaring representatives and long wait times, I dread it every time I have to call one of those places. Unless that call happens to be Amazon customer service. Now occasionally, everything goes smooth and you run into that one representative that’s extremely helpful and nice.

Check out this customer service log that someone saved during an Amazon chat session. The reps name is Thor, and what happens next is pure fan boy awesomeness.

amazon customer service

amazon customer service

This rep needs a promotion, a HUGE promotion if this is indeed true. LOL! Make sure to give this Amazon customer service log a share on Facebook before you.

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