Guy In Thailand Makes Ice Cream Rolls From Scratch, And It’s Ridiculously Cool

In this YouTube video shot in Thailand, ice cream rolls are a specialty made by a local street vendor Ko Phi.

We’ve been eating ice cream wrong the entire time! Actually, you probably can never go wrong eating ice cream in any shape or form. The bottom line is, we all love ice cream.

You’re probably used to walking into Baskin-Robbins or a Dreyers ice cream where they just scoop it up out of a frozen tub filled with various ice cream flavors – not in Thailand though. Check out this ice cream master make these delicious ice cream rolls.

Who is craving Oreos, brownies, and hot fudge ice cream right now?! I know I am. Be sure to give this a share with your friends on Facebook before you go.

h/t: (boredomtherapy)

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