This Guy Decided To Cheat On His Wife. What She Did About It… Absolutely Brutal

Life is pretty complicated by itself, and so are relationships…. even more so sometimes. Once you add cheating into the mix, well all hell will most likely break loose… just like what this wife did to her husbands Audi R8. Cheating is a pretty shit*y thing to do, I mean you just don’t do it, and if you do….. well, then the old phrase of karma comes to mind.



Anyways, no one has been able to track down exactly who’s car it was or the exact specifics… other than he cheated. We can confirm that it’s not due to a wreck or any type of storm damage… I mean who else could scratch these type of expletives.

The smiley face is a nice touch


$130K car that’s seen better days


This hurts me to look at



Does it hurt you as much to look at this as it does me? Ohhh… sucks, but I’m sure you know the moral of the story here. Let us know what you think in the comments below. (h/t Elite Daily)

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