Artist Cuts Sheets Of Glass And Layers It To Create Mind-Bending Sculptures

Self-taught New Zealand based artist and sculptor Ben Young has been making incredible glass sculptures for a little over 10 years now, and what he’s been able to create using glass is nothing short of amazing.

Young achieves these incredible sculptures by using multiple pieces of carefully cut glass layered on top of each other to form a 3D finished product.

What’s even more incredible is that everything is done by hand, from the beginning stages of sketching to manually cutting each piece of glass, no machines are ever used.

Below are a few pieces of his incredible work.

“The way I use the glass enables me to portray so many different elements of my conceptual ideas”, said Young on his website.

“Lighting plays a large part in the presentation of my pieces. When lit from beneath, the light reflects and gives off the illusion of the piece being brought to life. I hope viewers might imagine the work as something “living” that creates the illusion of space, movement, depth and sense of spatial being. I like to play with the irony between the glass being a solid material and how I can form such natural and organic shapes.”

You can check out all of Young’s work and purchase sculptures over at his website Broken Liquid. Don’t forget to give this a share on Facebook before you go.

More information: Broken Liquid / Follow Ben on Facebook and Behance

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