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This Guy Stuffs PS4 And Xbox One Consoles Into Custom Built Themed Laptops

Eddie Zarick is a game console modder, who creates amazing custom themed PS4 and Xbox One consoles by stuffing them inside a laptop.

In the past, Zarick has modified both the PS4 and Xbox One, turning each into their own laptop, while combining the Xbox 360 and Xbox One into a single laptop called the Xbox Duo.

According to Zarick, “This system took a lot of attempts and re-configuring to make everything fit and still some things had to be compromised to make the system work, for example it was impossible to get the USB ports on the XBOX to be extended to the outside of the case.” However, his whole set-up still offers Ethernet ports for both units.



Each case is 3D printed and comes with a 22 inch 1080p display


The consoles themselves are not modified in any way.


It’s simply just placed inside a custom themed plastic case.



Destiny themed PlayBook


Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare

Screenshot (277)-Optimized

Screenshot (276)-Optimized

Captain America



And yes, Iron Man!





 Here’s him showing off the PS4 / Xbox One combo 

And his Captain America vs Iron Man PlayBook/Xbook One

The thing cool about this is if you’re interested in ordering one for yourself, you can request your own made-to-order PlayBox over at his website. Prices vary depending on the console, and type of customization you want (obliviously).

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