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Jeweler Handcrafts Badass Rings Made From Dinosaur Bone And Meteorite

We decided that this awesome dinosaur bone ring would be appropriate to share if you’re really looking to up the ante on wedding rings purchases.

This isn’t your average wedding ring; this wedding band is made of meteorite, dinosaur bone, yellow gold pinstripe and titanium.

On Etsy — the incredible website that can customize nearly anything you could ever imagine — you can have this awesome hand crafted dinosaur bone ring by jewelry by johan – Johan Rust.

A thin 14 K yellow gold pinstripe accents the dinosaur bone and meteorite wedding band, and has dinosaur bone inlays that surround the titanium ring. The dinosaur bone originates from the Morrison Formation in Utah, which covers 600,000 square miles over various states.

It’s the most fertile source of dinosaur fossils in North America dating all the way back to the Jurassic Era (65 million years ago).

The bone was petrified into stone as jasper and agate once it fossilized. The dinosaur bone is 100% genuine, and a certificate of authenticity is provided once you decide to buy.

Rust also says that since the dinosaur bone is scarce the colors cannot be guaranteed as pictured when the ring is made…. you can see the difference on page 2 of this article.

You can see the color difference in this ring


How many people do you really know that can say their wedding band is made of dinosaur bones? Me either.


Either way… they still look amazing!

My thoughts exactly


You can check out the ring designed by Johan Rust over at his Etsy store in case you’re interested in buying one. Pretty cool huh?! Would you buy this awesome dinosaur bone ring?!

More info: jewelrybyjohan

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