This Girl’s Tongue Is So Freakishly Long… She Can Amazingly Lick Her Own Eye

Adrienne Lewis, an 18-year-old from Michigan has the longest tongue you might ever see. Her tongue is so long that when she sticks it out, she can literally touch her eyeball with the help of her hand. Adrienne’s tongue measures in at 4 inches long, which is just .03 inches longer than current Guinness World Record holder, Nick Stoeberl’s whose tongue measures 3.97 inches.


While Adrienne’s tongue isn’t officially on the books just yet, she’s in contact with the Guinness book of World Records to mark her official place in this unusual category. She’s come along way since being bullied for possessing the lengthy tongue. She’s now embracing it and hopes to make it official for the books!


Mother of god is right…



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