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This Girl Has One Twisted Sense Of Humor, And I Love It


Sometimes, things happen that are beyond are control. The best thing in life that we can do is just roll with it. Redditor ChutneyRain is no exception, she’s an amputee with a brilliant sense of humor. A few days ago, with the help of her mom, decided to do this freaky photoshoot, and what better time to do it with Halloween right around the corner.


“So my family is pretty morbid, I mean we crack really awful jokes about my missing a leg all the time. My mum and I were at the Spirit store and we found a fake leg, and well.. we came up with this freaky ass photo shoot. Why sit around an wallow when you can disturb the normal folk to no end,” she said.



3AUIH4X-Optimized(via Reddit / ChutneyRain)

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