This Genius Invention Will Repel Almost Any Liquid, And It’s The Coolest Stuff Ever

This is probably the coolest stuff I have ever seen. It’s called Ultra-Ever Dry, and when applied to an object  it will repel nearly any type of liquid such as, water, oil and even mud. It uses proprietary nanotechnology to coat an object and create a barrier of air on its surface. The results are so stunning that it’s almost mind boggling to see it in action.


Check it out, It’s quite amazing.


You can pretty much use it on all kinds of applications where you need durability…. However, the stuff is intended to be used for industrial applications only due to the toxic chemicals in the product. But, you can purchase it online here… it’s just pretty expensive so use it wisely…. As for me, well I plan on dousing myself in this stuff and jumping into a pool (actually no).




The video is even better

Nissan even used it on a test car


This stuff is quite amazing, if it weren’t so toxic I would spray this all over my body and go swimming. Share this awesome video below with your friends Facebook before you go. (h/t inhabitat) (images: Ultra-Ever Dry)

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