This Futuristic Underground Bicycle Parking Lot Is Run By Robots, And It’s Insane

Here’s some pretty sweet futuristic technology that not only makes parking your bike a whole lot easier, but also saves a ton of space in the process. This subterranean cycle storage system developed by a company called Giken, can hold 204 bikes in a well-like-hole 38 feet beneath the surface. The entire process works pretty fluently as well, all you have to do is get a membership, roll your bike up to the station, and the robotic system does the rest.



It’s kind of like valet, except it’s a robot… and it’s parking your bike



Your bike gets its own special slot until you need it back



It’s located at Tokyo’s Shinagawa Station


The same company is also working on one for cars as well


Check it out in action below:


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