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This Futuristic Lava Lamp Oozes Creepy Black Liquid That Will Consume Your Soul

Lava lamps are pretty mesmerizing… but this thing, well lets just say I probably would never get any work done if this thing was on my desk. It’s called the Ferroflow, and it’s filled with ferromagnetic fluid that starts moving immediately once turned on… oozing and dripping.


The Ferroflow, created by designer Matt Robinson, is made out of anodized aluminum and filled with ferromagnetic fluid, a substance created by NASA in the 1960s as a liquid rocket fuel. Robinson has been working on Ferrflow for the last two years, and is launching a Kickstarter on August 25th in hopes of raising funds to produce and sell these. You can keep up with information on this lamp over at their Facebook page.

I could watch this all day

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