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This Discovery Of A Human Brain Without Wrinkles Looks Incredibly Bizarre

When you think of a brain, typically you think of all of the tiny crevices, grooves and folds it possesses. However, this was not the case when Adam Voorhes was photographing shelves of human brains stored away in a closet at the University of Texas. The cause of the lack of grooves (sulci) a brain has is a rare condition called lissencephaly.


This is when the brain lacks grooves (sulci) and folds (gyri)

To understand this rare condition, Voorhes spent well over a year trying to find out the details about 100 other human brains in the collection. The brains in the collection were all from patients at the Austin State Mental Hospital and were nearly forgotten for more than 20 years


People with similar though less extensive forms of Lissencephaly often experience difficulty swallowing, muscle spasms, seizures, and learning difficulties. Many individuals with this condition die before the age of 10



The University of Texas is currently examining the brain in more detail using an MRI scanner, and once finished will be placed display at the Imaging Research Center on campus. (h/t iflscience)

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