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This Creepy Abandoned Lighthouse Is Pure Evil, And This Guy Plans To Spend 60 Days In It

Tévennec is an isolated lighthouse with an abundance of old haunted tales of insanity, mystery, and heritage. It sits on an inhabited island off the coast of France and has one occupant who was willing to live there for 60 days.


It is believed that many have lost their lives in the mysterious building


Given its reputation for causing people to go mad, you may be surprised by Marc Pointud’s decision to reside at the haunted lighthouse for two months. Pointud is the founder of the National Society for Heritage, Lighthouses, and Beacons whose sole purpose is to preserve the lighthouses in the country.


Bravely residing here on crowd-funded support, Marc Pointud hopes to raise awareness for the mystifying property


This 140 year old lighthouse has a reputation for being haunted due to the mysterious deaths that have occurred here and the repetitive phenomenon of people having lost their minds. With high tides thrusting against its sharp rocks, the lighthouse is nearly inaccessible. Multiple deaths have been reported, however Pointud plans to reinvent the lighthouse into an artist’s residence and raise awareness in celebration of its 140th birthday.

Located off the coast of Brittany, Tévennec is known to be haunted


Staying in the lighthouse alone, Marc says he is not afraid of ghosts



According to Vice, “before it was a lighthouse, Tévennec was supposedly the residence of Ankou (the personification of death in Breton legends). When you sail the Raz de Sein without an engine, the current takes you directly to Tévennec. A lot of sailors have died there and that’s how the rock earned its reputation.”



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