This Crazy-Cool 3.5 Minute Video Was Shot In Only 5 Seconds

French filmmaker Guillaume Panariello shot a 3.5 minute music video in roughly 5 seconds…. yes, you read that correctly. Panariello used a Phantom 4K camera taking 1000 frames per second, and once slowed down, those five seconds of real time turn into three-and-a-half minutes of slow-mo awesomeness.

Below is the behind the scenes video showing the five second shot

The shoot took 80 extras that were strategically placed along an 80-meter stretch of road near an industrial area. Panariello then pointed the camera out of a car being driven across the scene at 31mph. A little bit of the video a special effects added, but 95% is one actual take. If you liked this make sure to give it a share on Facebook and don’t forget to drop us a comment below.

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