This Cool Upside-Down Wall Mural Can Only Be Seen Correctly On The Water Below

At first glance, you may think this mural makes no sense whatsoever because it’s painted upside down. But, take a look again through the reflection of a nearby lake – you’ll see it. The reflection on the water reveals swimmers, rowers, and swans off the surface.


The clever mural garnered so much attention that people took photos of it and enhanced the reflections for an even clearer picture. The mural was created by New York-based Lithuanian artist Ray Bartkus and is located in the Lithuanian city of Marijampolė.





Talk about some serious talent! Make sure to check out more work from Ray over at his website. Also, make sure to give this a share and a like on Facebook before you go. (h/t Design Taxi) (Photo credits: Ray Bartkus)

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