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This Cool Spiral Staircase Can Easily Strap Around Any Tree… No Tools Needed

This might just be the easiest way to climb a tree…. ever!

Designers Thor te Kulve and Robert McIntyre created a pretty sweet spiral staircase, called the CanopyStair, that can be easily wrapped around any tree for climbing.

It’s made of birch steps that grip to the tree trunk using straps, and thick neoprene pads so you don’t slip on the way up.

“Since tree trunks are all unique we had to design a system that would adapt to their uneven surfaces,” McIntyre told Dezeen.

“We’ve worked with the arboriculturalists at Hampstead Heath to ensure we are not damaging the tree.”

The staircase takes two people about three hours to build, and 30 minutes to remove.



Here’s out it goes on





You add the handrails once you finish the staircase





The CanopyStair is currently in final production, and you can keep track of their progress here.

Now just add a tree house at the top, and you’ve got yourself a pretty sweet setup!

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