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This Cool Multi-Tool Is Thin Like A Credit Card And Can Fit Right In Your Wallet

This TSA-safe tool is so small and efficient that it can fit in your wallet. It’s called the EDC Card and is the first of it’s kind to be manufactured with S35VN (stainless steal). It’s equipped with handheld torque positions, 2.84 mm thick for durability and has 30+ functions all built into the size of a credit card.


This Special Edition model comes with a weapons grade ceramic coating applied, to create a non-reflective surface for a discreet look
The back of the Special Edition EDC Card has laser etchings to designate tool sizes


Inspired by high-end outdoor/military knives, the Everyday Carry Card follows the EDC credo of usefulness, minimalism, quality, and high versatility—all in a handheld package that consumes little space
CPM S35VN Blade Steel






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