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This Cool Gadget Creates Tomorrow’s Weather Inside A Box In Your Bedroom

Ken Kawamoto has come up with a unique design that can simulate the weather and display tomorrows weather in a small translucent box.

The Tempescope works by downloading information about any upcoming changes in weather via the web by hooking it up to your computer or iOS device.

It has the ability to produce sunshine, clouds, rain, and even lightning. It isn’t available on the market just yet however a consumer version is expected for Kickstarter.

The Tempescope also has colored LEDs to match the outside light such as the sun, and simulate lightning flashes. Since it’s paired to your phone or computer it will give you a realistic representations of the weather outside.

Tomorrow’s Weather


tomorrow weather

Cloudy day


Rainy day

tomorrow weather

Soft glow for clear and sunny skies

Screenshot (128)-Optimized

Now for snow or ice you might just have to look outside for now. Hopefully, when the indiegogo gets funded snow should be a possibility in the future…. though I’m really not sure how that would even be possible. Either way, this thing is pretty awesome.

Snow (Test)…. what it could look like

Can be controlled via Bluetooth

Screenshot (127)-Optimized

Attached to the computer


Here’s another cool feature if your digital pictures on your computer include data from the time and location they were taken.. you can link the Tempescope to the photo viewer allowing it to reproduce the weather for each picture!



And when used with Skype the Tempescope will match the weather with whoever your talking to around the world… Helping you feel a little more connected to family, friends, and loved ones that you don’t get the chance to see very often.

It was being crowd funded on indiegogo, but unfortunately the campaign ended with 70% being funded.

According to Kawamoto, “with 40 hours to go, we have just under 70% of what we need to start manufacturing the tempescope. As much as it hurts to admit it, it looks like we’re not making it.”

However, they’re currently in talks with distributors… so the future does look promising for the tempescope. If you don’t want to wait, the opensource version was just released by the creator for you to build your own… you can check that out here.

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More info: tempescope.com – h/t (thisiscolossal)

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