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This Cool Futuristic Wheelchair Works Like A Segway And Is Completely Hands-Free

Phones, laptops, and handheld devices receive unlimited upgrades every time we turn around, so it’s about time a wheelchair receive an upgrade too. Sure, wheelchairs aren’t as booming as the cell phone industry is, but it’s an important tool for those who really need them. It’s nice to see someone attempting to revolutionize it.


It all began when one man from New Zealand realized the struggle his friend was going through in his old wheelchair and decided to do something about it. After years of reconstruction and development of a Segway, Kevin Halsall finally mastered the Ogo — an awesome souped-up, futuristic wheelchair.


His ingenious prototype is set to revolutionize an industry that was truly lagging. The wheelchair is equipped with an active moving seat allowing the user to simply lean in the direction they wish to go. Put your weight forward, and the Ogo will move forward as well.

The Ogo is completely intuitive allowing your hands the freedom to do other things like play ball, and participate in day-to-day activities that you couldn’t do before. The wheels are interchangeable allowing you to swap them out for larger ones depending on terrain. It can go as fast as 12 mph through beaches and uneven pathways.


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