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Yes, A Cheeseburger In A Can Actually Exists

The highly elusive, cheeseburger in a can, (and yes it’s real). I have had my share of complaints with fast food burgers in my life time, (McDonald’s). However, I will keep my complaints to a minimum after seeing this monstrosity.

Developed by the Swiss-based company Katadyn, the trekking burger is sold by one of their brands, Trekking-Mahlzeiten, a subsidiary company.

The cheeseburger in a can is extremely hard to find, especially in the US. It’s not sold anywhere in stores and the company does not ship to the US. Occasionally, you can find it for sale on eBay, but they go quick.

About the size of a large tuna can.


List of the ingredients, not bad so far.


Toss the can into a double broiler for 10 minutes.


A surprisingly normal looking top bun.


The burger completely out of the can.


While the top bun has a normal bun texture, the bottom bun becomes very soggy.


The burger is supposed to come with pickles, ketchup, mustard, onions, cheese and lettuce.


You can check out the entire article with more pictures over on Something Awful. Anyone hungry?

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