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This Brilliant Invention Will Actually Fill 100 Water Balloons In Under A Minute.


No better way to beat the heat this summer then with a good ole water balloon fight. But the time it takes to fill the balloon, tie and then repeat sucks. Is there a better solution? Yep! Meet Josh Malone, the inventor of Bunch O Balloons.

Malone has eight kids and lives in Texas…. so yeah he knows a little bit about water balloons. Malone told Huffington Post, that because of hot Texas summers, his family was tearing through thousands of water balloons each year. “We put a lot of effort into filling them, tying them and being careful not to waste them before they’re done. It’s obviously very time consuming.”

Check out how they work below. Why couldn’t this have been around when I was a kid, ughhh.


This is what they look like.


You can make 37 balloons every 20 seconds. Pretty awesome. 


It’s pretty simple, just attach Bunch O Balloons to any water hose and fill.


 Give it a shake and that’s it. No need to tie!


via buzzfeed

If you would like to support Josh, you can head on over to Kickstarter. Also, make sure to share this on Facebook.


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