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This Brilliant Gadget Lets You Control Your Paper Airplane With A Smartphone

Do kids still make paper planes and throw them around the classroom? Well, if you’re a teacher and this gets on your nerves, it just got worse. The PowerUp 3.0: Smartphone Controlled Paper Aeroplane is the first paper airplane that you can control with an app.



Simply fold a paper airplane and attach Power Up 3.0 to both ends of the plane, then install the app on your phone. The propeller and the rudder at the end of the plane are in charge of controlling the plane and in the front of plane is an advanced chip with Bluetooth technology that allows you to control it up to 60 yards.


For 10 minutes of charging, there’s 20 minutes of flight time. Don’t forget, it’s waterproof and compatible with mostly all smartphones. Let’s keep these out of the hallways though!

Just download the app and you’re good to go




Custom design your paper to make it look even more bada**


Check it out


You can snag this baby on Kickstarter or head on over to Firebox if you’re interested in purchasing. Don’t forget to give this a share with your friends on Facebook before you go. For more interesting stories, subscribe to our e-mail list.  (h/t Firebox)

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