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This Awesome Spill Proof Wine Glass Is For The Clumsy Alcoholic In All Of Us

It’s known as the Saturn Wine Glass, and it’s been developed by the people over at Superduperstudio.

Basically, it’s for clumsy people like you and me who keeps knocking over the wine glass. You simply can’t knock this glass over… okay, yeah you could on purpose, but that’s not the point.

“Superduperstudio has adopted a traditional Italian glassblowing technique to design these spacey, spillproof glasses,” said the studio’s founders: glassblower Christopher Yamane and designer Matthew Johnson.

It also holds the same amount of liquid as the average wine glass, and is very durable.



 They can easily be stacked for compact storage


When knocked over it rests on the tip of the wide curved edge, keeping the wine from spilling


Now obviously, it will knock over if that’s what your trying to do, but with unintentional accidents it won’t knock over…. Unless it falls off the table. ;).

They go for $46 and you can pick up one here. Make sure to give this a share on Facebook before you go.

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