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This Awesome Patio Umbrella Turns Itself Into A Cloud When The Sun Hits It

First, there was a cloud lamp that could produce your own personalized thunderstorm with sound and lighting and now, there’s a solar-powered umbrella (in the shape of a cloud) that’ll fit right onto your patio.  It’s called the Cumulus Parasol and it self-inflates to become a fully open umbrella in a matter of 20 seconds. How does it do it!?


Well, this smart umbrella is equipped with solar panels that sit on its top and senses the rays of the sun then deflates when the sun goes down. The Netherland’s based design group Toer created Cumulus and mentioned that the umbrella’s aerodynamic shape keeps it aloft while it’s inflated.

No need to worry about windy weather, the nylon surface helps keep it lightweight and durable protecting your from the sun.




The Cumulus will run you about $520


Check it out!

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