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This Awesome Coffee Table Is A Giant Nintendo Controller That Actually Works

Okay you old school gamer nerds…. behold this giant NES game controller / coffee table designed by Logan Miller from MillerWoodshop. Oh and the best part…. it’s completely functional, and even comes equipped with a built-in retractable cable for plugging into any original NES console.


According to Miller, “this table was built to scale with the original NES controller. This fully functional controller’s buttons have been tuned up for easy play. A heavy coat of clear polyurethane has been added to protect the table from scratches or rings from a glass. The NES coffee table has a modern style and a retro feel. It also comes with 6 spacers that have matching gray paint and gray felt on top and bottom of the cylinder shaped spacers.”




Miller was selling this over at his Etsy shop, sadly….. someone already bought it. BUT! Who knows, he might build another one if you asked him! You can check out more from his shop here.


Actually don’t start crying just yet…. we found another one over on Etsy from BohemianWorkbench, and it looks just as amazing. Only thing is that you’re going to take a pretty big hit to your bank account as it’s currently on sale for $5,000. You can check it out here.



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