This Artist Manipulates 48 Pools Of Water With Her Mind, And It’s Beyond Incredible


Here’s something I bet you’ve probably never seen before… let alone heard of. It’s called  EEG scanning, or visualizing your thoughts and emotions… and once you witness it your mind might literally blow. In this demonstration called Eunoia II, artist Lisa Parks, uses EEG scanning with speakers and pools of water to visualize her thoughts and emotions…. The results are quite breathtaking.

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Park wears an EEG headset that transfers the signals from her brain to the speakers underneath each plate of water. Each speaker then vibrates according to Park’s brain wave-interpreting algorithm, such as anger, sadness, happiness, fear, etc…. I know, I know it’s a little over my head too.


48 pools of water in total




Each brain signal is categorized by a specific emotion and captured on the computer


It starts at the 1:00 min. mark

(H/T The Creators Project) (via Lisa Parks)

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