This 3D Printer Sculpting Objects Out Of Molten Glass Is So Damn Mesmerizing

3D printers just keep getting cooler and cooler. Combine that with glass that goes all the way back to ancient Mesopotamia and Ancient Egypt some 4,500 years ago and you get a pretty cool result. MIT’s Glass Lab collaborated with the Mediated Matter group at the MIT Media Lab and created a way to 3D print glass in a project titled G3DP.



They created a video to display how this technology works with all of its intricacies. Glass 3D printing works by using a dual-heated chamber where the top chamber heats the glass and the bottom chamber cools to prevent internal stress. The top chamber gets as hot as 1900 °F and funnels the molten glass through an alumina-silica nozzle into programmable shapes.


Researchers at MIT described how the project, “synthesizes modern technologies, with age-old established glass tools and technologies producing novel glass structures with numerous potential applications.” You can catch a selection of Glass pieces that will appear in an exhibition at Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum in 2016.









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